I’ve had a number of requests from people wanting to use the MPPSolar PIP4048 solar charger/mains inverter. So, I’m going to start a resource here. I’ll add in bits of Arduino code and any data sheets as I go along, together with any useful information that I come across.

The serial protocol is here_;


Here is some of the Arduino code to drive the PIP4048:-


Please note that the code is simply extracts from my project. I’t won’t just run! I’ve left in the bits where I send data to an MQTT server running on a RaspberryPi, justto show you how to use the data that comes back. The Command QPIGS to the PIP4048 reads a packet of data containing things like solar input voltage, current load power, etc. The other command that I’m using is QPIWS which reads and decodes various status bits from the PIP4048 – things like has the mains/generator power dropped out. All of the bits are stored in the array pipstatus[] and decoded.